YA Authors: Encouraging New Data about Teen Readers

Teen-agers still enjoy reading

YA authors: Tired of hearing people say that your audience is all going to TV and video games? Here are some encouraging new data on teen-agers’ reading habits from the Random House Research and Analytics team.

This April 2013 study of 1,000 13- to 17-year-olds reveals that most teens are read for fun.

The findings have some important implications for YA authors:

  • 62 percent of teens in the study read for fun either “occasionally” or “very often”
  • Teens are more likely to read books than magazines, newspapers, or graphic novels

If you are an author, here are some useful bits about your audience:

  • There are more girls than boys who read for fun
  • Both boys and girls like adventure and humor
  • Boys mostly like SF and graphic novels; girls mostly like real-world situations
  • They often get their books from the library
  • Their preference for ebooks over print books is growing
  • They like to take reading recommendations from parents and teachers or librarians

Check the Random House post and infographic for details.


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