Surprising Press Release Topics You Can Use Now

John O'Hara, 1924

John O’Hara, editor of the Oregon Catholic Sentinel newspaper, 1924

The press release has changed a lot since my years in the news business, when it served mainly as a petition to an anonymous editor to please, please, please put my information in your paper.

With the internet, the press release stands on its own. There is no one tasked with the duty of keeping your news out of the paper — or if there is, it doesn’t matter because you’ve got a bigger audience on the web anyway.

Anyone searching for your keywords can find your press release among the other search results. And an editor from a media outlet can always find your news and contact at one of the online press release sites like PR Web.

The other thing the online press release can give is valuable backlinks to your site, raising your authority with the search engines, which moves your site up in the search results.

The press release announces something important. But the days are gone when if “important” didn’t mean a Nobel Prize in literature, you would never get even the courtesy of a rejection.

Still, it’s easy to get hung up on what’s “important.” That’s why I was so happy to see the post at PR Web, Topics for Press Releases. At that post there are literally too many events to count, but here are 12 that would be useful for writers:

  1. New website or significant upgrade to existing website
  2. New products and services
  3. Helpful tips for customers, related to your writing topic
  4. Winning an award
  5. Milestone accomplishments
  6. Media and speaker appearances
  7. Inspirational stories related to your book
  8. Expert opinion on an important subject within your topic
  9. Debunking of common “myths” related to your topic
  10. Involvement with a charity
  11. Scheduling of in-person seminars
  12. Scheduling and success of web events


  1. Delena Silverfox@Coupon Codes says

    I had always thought press releases were for celebrities, big businesses, and the like. Sending out press releases for blogs really works well no matter the niche? Or is it a strategy for blogs in the traffic generation/pro blog niches where others in the same niches go to read press releases and post their own?

    I’m simply curious as my niche is more about parenting, which is light years from po blogging.


  2. says

    A big part of the value is for the SEO links back to your site.

    But think about your work — of which your blog is just a part — in terms the family and living section of your local newspaper. If you interview an expert, release a book or report, hold a webinar. What might appear even in a list of “News around Town” in your local paper? The press release becomes part of the online record of your business. A lot of people are deeply interested in parenting.

    And pro blogging is just making a living at a certain kind of writing, no matter what the subject might be. If you’re not there yet (neither am I), it doesn’t mean we’re not on the track.

  3. company offshore says

    Editors are looking for interesting press releases not published elsewhere and containing useful impartial content not just advertising for your organization.

  4. Melissa John@PPI Claims says

    Hi Jan,

    I’ve just started working out on my press release. Yes it is indeed helpful in building valuable links. Everyone should try it.

    Thanks for posting and for sharing your knowledge to us. :)

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