How to Use WordPress Categories and Tags to Organize Your Site

Using WordPress categories and tags to organize your site: Imagine blogging about gardening

In the WordPress world, categories and tags are a valuable resource for organizing the information on your writer’s website. They make it possible for site visitors to click a tag or category to drill down on the information they want on your site. Search engines use the category or tag to tell them  what your site has to offer. Many site owners, though, find the whole “tags and categories” thing confusing. It’s not immediately clear what the difference is or what are the best practices … [Read more...]

SEO for Writers: How to Get Google to Bring Readers to You

Even basic SEO can boost writers' websites

Every day, Google answers nearly 6 billion searches worldwide. If even .0001 percent of those searches were for your book’s topic, that would be 5,900 per day. What if the largest advertising company in the world offered to bring you even 30 to 100 new visitors per day — for free? How much effort would you be willing to do for that? When you think about it, the effort of creating great SEO for your writer's website is remarkably small for the results. Search engine optimization, SEO, is … [Read more...]

Using the Broken Link Checker Plugin for WordPress

Broken links can be a big problem on the web, as well as in real life.

Broken links on your website — links that go to a page that says something along the lines of “Server not found” — are bad for both your user and your search engine rankings. They make your site look like an abandoned building where no one cares enough to manage the upkeep. Whether that impression is justified or not, your site looks derelict. Broken links can happen for a number of reasons, they can be permanent or temporary, and they can be on your site or on a site other than yours. No … [Read more...]

Do Your Readers Hate ‘Marketing‘?

People aren't annoyed by marketing that answers their questions and meets their needs at the right time.

I had a conversation with a writer who is concerned about annoying people by marketing her books. Don't people hate being marketed to? Today I ran across a post on the Content Marketing Institute blog that addresses that exact question. Part of the answer depends on what you mean by "marketing." Authors whose definition of book marketing is to shout "Buy my book!" at every opportunity probably are annoying people. But that's not what any reputable book marketing expert means by … [Read more...]