How Not to Do Social Media

How not to do social media

You know that you can use social media to make connections and engage readers before your book is done. If you’re following my Organic Book Marketing system, that’s the Engage phase. It’s a time to build real relationships with your readers, fellow authors, and influencers in your genre. I keep saying “real relationships” until I’m tired of hearing it from myself. But sometimes I get something from an author that makes me embarrassed for her. I may say “real relationships” too much, but she … [Read more...]

Building an Audience in the Literary Novel Genre

Authors in the literary novel genre have unique challenges

Good marketing is as important for writers working in the literary novel genre as it is for anyone else, but the methods and challenges are a little different than for authors whose works are more marketplace-oriented. Let me start by laying aside some of the dismissiveness on both sides of the literary vs. commercial fiction debates. First, plenty of creativity goes into a good book written to solve a problem or written to a well-defined genre, such as romance. On the other hand, people … [Read more...]

9 Book Marketing Tips for Selling Your Backlist

9 Book Marketing Tips for Selling Your Backlist

Book marketing, like most of our culture, is all about the "new." In traditional publishing, if your book hasn't sold enough copies within six weeks, it's out of favor and often off the market. As an independent author, you have more control over your backlist and your book marketing. The authors who have made good money at their writing have done that by continuing to market their already published books, even as they write and launch the next ones. But if your book has been out for a … [Read more...]

Using ‘Free’ to Sell Books: Hard to Grasp for Some Authors

Wine tasting: Everybody loves free samples.

I was walking through Costco the other day. The ladies who usually hand out samples sat behind tables piled with closed boxes. "This is a delicious, creamy broccoli casserole with Brie cheese," one said, "but you'll have to take my word for it. If I give this food away, it will lower its value." Ha. Just kidding about Costco. But that's pretty much what Roxana Robinson, president of the Authors Guild, told Sara Shaffi in an article in The Bookseller. Something Robinson probably doesn't … [Read more...]

Two Questions to Book Marketing Success or Failure

The foundational questions in writing your book are "Why am I here?" and "Who are you?"

When I get into conversations about book marketing with authors, I often get one of two reactions: My book is out, so it’s time to start marketing. I’m a little embarrassed to be talking about book marketing, because I don’t have a book out. Occasionally, it’s “My book has been out a couple of years and I’m not happy with the sales, so I guess it’s time to start marketing.” Guess who has the best chance of succeeding at marketing her book. The second one. But wait. How can you … [Read more...]